03 August 2015

Dutch Inspired Look

Dutch Inspired Look

Its been forever since I've done an everyday cosplay outfit. Been watching some new sci-fi shows lately. Here's an outfit inspired by Dutch from the new show, Killjoys.

The premises of this show is hard to explain since it's in its own science fiction universe so I'll give it a go. Th show follows a group of "Killjoys" or bounty hunters that are bind to their own code and they are not bound to any governing body. Dutch is the leader of the group with John and D'avin.

This inspired look was one of the more simpler outfit as Dutch outfit was probably designed with the mind set for Dutch (or the actor) for easy movability to chase down whoever she needs and be able to fight in. I choose a pair of black pants, burgundy tank top with strap detail at the back and blue leather jacket. I decided to add a black leather holster bag to this outfit as it matches to the style of Dutch. It's a basic casual outfit that could be worn in lots of different occasions. That's about it.

Tank Top: River Island
Leather Jacket: Whistles
Black Pants: Forever New
Leather Holster Bag: Jungle Tribe Blaster 4.0

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