21 January 2015

Little Red Riding Hood - Grimms' Fairytales [1/3]

Little Red Riding Hood - Grimms' Fairytales [1/3]

I have been wanting to do with Grimms' fairytales for quite sometime, and instead of only doing one every now and then I'm going to do a set of three outfits. Each one from inspired casual outfits from a Grimms' fairytale. The first one is Little Red Riding Hood.

I like the simplicity of this outfit to  put together with shirt and a pair of jeans. Other than the red jacket, I tried to be subtle with the hints the Red Riding Hood story with the wolf necklace but a little less subtle with the phone case. I also added a matte red lipstick from Rimmel to really bring out the red in the outfit. But I chose a peach colour nail polish so its not overwhelm with red everything. That's about it.

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