18 January 2015

Agent Carter Inspired - Time and TIde

Agent Carter Inspired - Time and TIde

Agent Carter is finally here and been loving the episodes so far. I didn't know which look I should do so there might a few more inspired outfits in the next couple of weeks. This one is from the 3rd episode, Time and Tide.

The red tartan blazer caught my eye this week even though she only wore it in the last couple of minutes at the end of the episode. I base this outfit with that look and found a similar tartan blazer and brown pencil skirt. Agent Carter is always wearing red lipstick so I decided to add some makeup bits and bobs to this look. I found a MAC red lipstick similar to the one she wore. The rest of the makeup are quite neutral so I added natural eyeshadow palette  from Too Faced and a bit of mascara only. That's about it.

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