26 January 2015

Agent Carter Inspired - Take 2

Agent Carter Inspired - Take 2

There is a new episode of Marvel's Agent Carter this week and I've been love the blue suit and red hat that she wore in the very first episode, so this outfit is an ode to that.

The outfit is from Agent Carter promos and from the first scene where see Agent Carter goes to work at S.S.R. (Strategic Scientific Research). This outfit is definitely for the office unless you like wearing casual blazers. It is comprise of blue blazer and skirt with white blouse, and the rest is predominantly red. I do love the red hat she wears and I tried my best to find a similar one. There is Peggy Carter's red lipstick and is paired with red nail polish for this outfit. That's about it.

Revlon Gel Envy Longwear Polish: Roulette Rush

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