16 October 2014

Clara Oswald - Mummy on Oriental Express

Clara Oswald - Mummy on Oriental Express

Here are 2 outfits inspired by Clara Oswald's outfit from Doctor Who in the episode, "Mummy on Oriental Express".

I decided to choose 2 different dresses this time as there are 2 different prices and the V neck on the 2nd dress is not as low as the 1st one. The 1st dress is more accurate to the one Clara wore in the show. I tried to find a similar black full slip and shoes. I added in a 2nd dress as it is around half the price as the 1st one and the v neck is higher and a better choice for those who doesn't want to expose as much. I found some 1920s inspired clutches to match with the outfits. I included a pair of long gloves and hair pins that were similar to the ones Clara with the flapper dress. That's about it.

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