04 September 2014

Joker Inspired Everyday Cosplay

Joker Inspired Everyday Cosplay

Its been a while since I've done anything from the DC universe, this time the outfit is inspired by the Joker, archenemy of Batman.

The Joker's outfit is as crazy as he is but I decided to keep it simple and try to make it so it is easy to wear. I chose a simple but elegant green lace dress with a purple blazer, which keeps in theme of the Joker purple suit. I absolutely adore the heeled brogues, it is inspired by the Joker black and white brogues but the navy blue doesn't add to the craziness of bright colours in the outfit. The last thing in this outfit inspired by the Joker are the gold rings with the 4 suits. Thats about it, the rest are from personal taste; add or remove what you like.  

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