12 August 2014

Twelfth Doctor - Series 8 Promo

Twelfth Doctor - Series 8 Promo

Here's another inspired look from Doctor Who, this outfit is a female version of the Twelfth Doctor outfit from Series 8 promo pictures.

The outfit turned into a business look with the blazer and trousers but this is pretty close to the actual outfit that he wears. It was difficult to find a blazer that have red lining but I ended up choosing with this one that is a bit darker than I wanted it to be. Also the blazer is the most expensive piece of clothing in this outfit because I did try very hard to find one with red lining. The reason is that some of the behind the scene photos had him wearing the same blazer with different shirts underneath. So, the blazer with red lining will probably be the main look for the Twelfth Doctor.

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