21 August 2014

Rose Inspired - The Day of the Doctor

Rose Inspired - The Day of the Doctor

Doctor Who is coming back this week! It feels like forever but to pass the time I have done a few Doctor Who centric outfits. This one is no different, here's one inspired by Rose Tyler's outfit from the 50th Anniversary episode.

Rose's outfit in the episodes were ripped and distressed. If you like the look you can rip rip them yourselves. I did choose relatively affordable clothes so it won't be such a big deal if you want to make a couple of holes in them. I made this outfit for back to school, so there is a rucksack to carry everything you need. There's a TARDIS travelling mug for the morning coffee or tea.  Lastly, I kept the Doctor Who theme in the jewellery. The necklace have a quote from the episode and a bad wolf ring.

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