11 August 2014

Clara Oswald Inspired - Cold War

Clara Oswald Inspired - Cold War

In celebration of Doctor Who new season releasing this month, I have decided to do a few more inspired outfits from the show. This time round it's Clara Oswald's outfit from the episode Cold War.

I started this outfit with the military style jacket that I stumble across while I was scrolling through modcloth. It reminded me of one Clara's outfit so I recreated the outfit here. It was hard to find a similar dress that she wore and I settle with this one. It has the same fit and flare shape but thats about it. But I do love the dress and I think it can be worn both during the day and as an evening dress. Last thing I want to point out is the shoes. They are super adorable with the glitter, I like how they are small and subtle but still sparkly.

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