18 August 2014

Clara Inspired - The Name of the Doctor

Clara Inspired - The Name of the Doctor

Here is another outfit inspired by Clara Oswald from Doctor Who. This is my take from the original outfit from the episode, The Name of the Doctor.

The key piece in this outfit is the dress. It took a while but I found a similar dress. It doesn't have the signature collar that Clara always wears but it have the same pattern and almost the same colour (yes, detail is important but not always completely necessary). I added different type of gold dainty jewellery to accessorise as Clara had some cute dainty gold jewellery worn in the outfit. I love the gold necklace as it can be personalised with any initial you want when you order it on etsy. Since its the beginning of fall and new school year, I added a rucksack and leather jacket to complete the look.

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