11 July 2014

Hawkeye Everyday Cosplay

Hawkeye Everyday Cosplay
I think Hawkeye is underrated Avenger, here’s an outfit inspired by Hawkeye. I chose elements from both comic and movie versions of his outfit.

In the comic there is a lot of purple in his outfit but it’s hardly noticeable in the movies, so I chose a purple tank top but the rest of the outfit is mostly black. I decided to add a vest since Hawkeye’s outfit is sleeveless. I actually own this exact vest and the only down side is that the sizes are quite small so it might not fit taller people. The leggings I chose for this outfit has a leather looking material only on the front so it will be comfy to wear and it has nice detailing around the knee.

There aren’t a lot of accessories for this outfit but I do absolutely love the sunglasses, which worked well in the outfit. To finish off this Hawkeye inspired outfit, there is a dainty arrow necklace.

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