07 July 2014

Clara Oswald Hologram Outfit

Clara Oswald Hologram Outfit - The Time of the Doctor

This outfit is inspired by Clara’s hologram outfit in the Christmas episode The Time of the Doctor. It’s very similar outfit to the one in the episode and I didn’t really change anything besides adding bits of my style to the outfit so it can be wore out for a casual day out.

I couldn’t find similar yellow sweater that she has but I found this one, which is a lot thicker but I think it would be appropriate for an autumn outfit or colder summer days.  A lot of Clara’s outfits in Doctor Who have collars and this one was no different. But I do like the leather collar on top of the sweater. I found this top, which is rather expensive but I couldn’t find a similar one with a leather collar online. Any top with a black collar will also work.

I chose my own accessories as Clara didn’t seem to be wearing any jewellery. Since this is a casual day out outfit, I chose a cute over the shoulder bag that is small but big enough to hold quite a few things. I only chose one piece of jewellery just because I adore this dainty fawn necklace and it can be worn under the collar. 

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