30 July 2014

Clara Inspired - Series 8 Promo

Clara Inspired - Series 8 Promo

Here's another outfit inspired by Clara Oswald from Doctor Who; this time it's from Series 8 promo photo. I decided to do this outfit since I really like the dress but the actual dress worn is sold out and probably won't be restocked; I found a similar dress and this is how I style it.

I found this dress from Modcloth that have the same shape but a different pattern on it than the original dress but still love it all the same. I also found a similar yellow/orange waist belt that was worn in the photo. The rest of the outfit was chosen from a personal preference and how I would like to wear this kind of dress. I chose a cropped green cardigan to keep warm and this cute bag both from Modcloth. I do love the vintage style from the clothes at Modcloth and its reasonably affordable, so thats why I'm always choosing clothes from there

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