15 July 2014

Captain Jack Harkness Inspired

Captain Jack Harkness Inspired
Been watching a lot of Torchwood lately and I’ve been absolutely loving Captain Jack’s old military coat. I decided to put together an outfit inspired by Captain Jack Harkness.

It was difficult to find a coat that is similar to Captain Jack’s coat since it’s not coat season yet but I found this one that will work well for autumn/fall. The coat is shorter but has similar military style embellishments and buttons. I am all for re-using clothing from other outfits as that is what we do on a duly basis. This light blue blouse is the same one from my Finn inspired spring outfit. I decided to keep this look casual and chose a pair of black jeans and a pair of sturdy brown boots.

I didn’t choose many accessories for this outfit since it’s a casual look and Captain Jack doesn’t wear many accessories except for his leather wristband, which I chose a smaller brown leather cuff without all the gadgets that Captain Jack has. Even though he is always wearing suspenders, the one I put in this outfit is optional as not many people count suspenders as a casual accessory. 

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