20 June 2014

Stahma Tarr Inspired Everyday Cosplay

Stahma Tarr Inspired Everyday Cosplay

To celebrate the beginning of season 2 of Defiance here is an outfit inspired by Stahma Tarr.

It was hard to come up with an outfit for everyday cosplay for a character like Stahma without being completely white washed. Since its in the middle of summer I chose a plain white cropped tank top and a high waisted skirt. I love the pattern and texture of the skirt, which I think takes into account the texture of her bathing suit. I added a kimono (yes I know, another kimono) to the outfit. The flow of the kimono reminds me of her robe. 

It was hard to find the right accessories without it looking like its part of a costume. So, I kept it simple with a statement chain necklace and a ring. I couldn't decide which was better to have a watch or a silver cuff, that is up to you, which one you like you should wear. 

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