27 June 2014

Irisa Inspired - Summer Edition

Irisa Inspired - Summer Edition

This a summer outfit inspired by Irisa from the tv show Defiance.

Irisa from on the show wear a lot of crop tops so it was fitting have one in this outfit. I chose one that have similar texture to her clothes and the pattern on the top riminded me of Irisa. The shorts I chose is the same pair from my Black Widow everyday cosplay. I like to choose clothes that I can wear for multiple things and different occasions, which is easier on the wallet and closet space.

For accessories I decided to use leather looking items mostly. I chose two leather cuffs for this outfit but its optional to wear both of them. I chose a dark red colour for the belt and shoulder bag as she is constantly wearing that colour. I finish off the look with cut out ankle boots since Irisa always where some pair of sturdy boots.

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