24 June 2014

Black Widow Inspired - Summer Edition

Black Widow Inspired - Summer Edition
Here is a summer outfit inspired by Black Widow from the Avenger movies.

This outfit was requested on Polyvore for a casual summer look for hot weather so I decided to keep things simple. I chose a black cropped top and a pair of dark denim shorts, which represent Black Widow’s outfit without looking like an overall.

For the accessories, I chose a dark brown jeans belt that is similar to her utility belt and a shoulder bag with a similar colour. Since it is a hot weather outfit, I chose simple and dainty items because no one likes to sweat with big chunky jewellery on. The bangles came in a set of 12 so you can choose as many or as little as you like to wear. Finish off the look with a pair of black sandals from ASOS, which I like the gold buckle detailing on them.

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