26 May 2014

Marceline Inspired Winter Outfit

Marceline Inspired Winter Outfit

Marceline Inspired Winter Outfit by locketofember

This is an everyday cosplay, casual weekend winter outfit inspired by Marceline from Adventure Time. 

There are Marceline's dark blue jeans and grey tank top. I choose to throw over an over size sweater that is cosy and perfect for the weekends, and also a parka to keep warm for winter. Marceline have a hint of red to her outfit with her boots and guitar. I choose shorter red heeled boots so you won't be swallowed up by the length of the parka. Also add a red studded shoulder bag to match the boots. 

With the accessories, I want to keep it simple as it is suppose to be a casual look. I love the watch from swatch that is versatile and can be worn for different occasions. The blue statement necklace and earring adds something extra to the casual look, but keeps to Marceline's edginess. You may or may not want to wear the rings, they are optional. I do like the metallic rings that help tie the outfit together.

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